How We found Out about Zoe

I had a biopsy on Thursday Nov 2 to check for uterine cancer; I had been having some female problems that needed checked out.  Extra bleeding.  The biopsy hurt A LOT.  Which isn’t too normal.  On Friday Nov 3 we signed an offer to buy a house off base.  We weren’t going to move off base, but found a great house for a good price and all of a sudden changed our mind.  On Monday Nov 6 Bryan picked me up from work: I think my tire was flat.  On the way home Dr. Ighani called, which made me really nervous that I had cancer; especially since it was after hours.  She said the lab sent back the biopsy and it was negative for cancer, BUT the lab was shocked she did a biopsy on a pregnant lady.  I didn’t understand.  The lab said the cells looked like those from someone pregnant.  Dr Ighani wanted me to buy a pregnancy test to take, and then come into her office 1st thing in the morning.  By this time I had walked inside the house and Bryan was out in the shed fixing my bike tube.  I started screaming and ran out and told Bryan.  We just stared at each other for a bit, and then jumped in the car.  We sped to the BX for a pregnancy test.  When we got home I peed on it, and it was positive!  We weren’t sure whether to cry or laugh.  The next day we went to the Dr where she confirmed I was pregnant.  She then did an internal sonogram and saw a heartbeat!  She said that meant it was at least 6 weeks along.  We couldn’t believe it.  I had felt sick recently, but I was getting the stomach flu.  I had even had my period, and thought I was getting regular after having other issues.  Plus, we had been trying not to have a baby using Natural family planning (apparently it doesn’t work).  Well, Dr. Ighani ordered a professional sonogram at TMC to make sure everything was OK after the biopsy.  I ended up getting two of these very early and all seemed OK.  I also heard Dr. Ighani in the other room on the phone yelling at the Dr’s at the base clinic for sending her an GYN patient without doing a pregnancy test, and that it was there responsibility to ensure someone isn’t really an OB patient,  and that we are all really lucky the baby looks fine because she would never have done a biopsy on an OB patient.  It made me really like her a lot.  So within a couple day our whole life changed…we were buying our first house and having a baby.

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