Baby Shower

Nan planned a baby shower for me on March 24, so I flew back to PA for almost a week. I had a free flight credit, so I got a free ticket, but it was a horrible red-eye on the way to PA and a 5 hour layover on the way home.

The shower was fun. It was cold back in PA and I don’t have any cold-weather maternity stuff so I mostly wore my moms sweatshirts all week. I did wear a nice dress for the shower. I got it with a giftcard Tyler got me for Christmas.

Lots of family and friends came to the shower. It was at a new Italian place in Lemont called Alto’s. Sue planned the games. We guessed the baby names of animals, couldn’t say the word “Baby”, and memorized a tray of baby stuff. Then we ate and I opened presents. It’s awkward opening presents in front of people, but that’s what they come for! It made me think of my wedding shower being the one everyone watches. We got almost everything from our registry! All the big stuff like the car seat & stroller people mailed home. At the shower I mostly opened clothes and tiny toys. The only thing I need to still get are the remaining cloth diapers and the breast pump. I’m shocked at how much people, especially our family, take joy in getting things the baby.

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