Hot and Heavy

So it’s now summer in Tucson. The temperature has been around 100 for a week. I’m feeling bigger; I’ve gained 22 pounds so far. Most days Arlo and I go for a walk once Bryan leave for work, and then we’ll do the MamaYoga DVD a few times a week. I’ll then work on some project like sewing bumpers for the crib, getting birth announcements ready, cleaning the pool, or whatever. Then in the afternoon when it’s super-hot I’ll swim in the pool for a bit and often take a nap. I’m starting to feel kind of miserable having this huge belly. I can’t get around as easily as I used to, my feet hurt by the afternoon, and I swell up if I don’t drink enough water. Plus, Zoe is getting really big inside me. She now moves very violently sometimes and it is uncomfortable. She’ll kick up into my diaphragm which hurts. It’s hard to sit because she’s taking up all my breathing space, but I want to sit and put my feet up because they’re sore and I don’t want my veins to pop out. At night I try to lay on my side and she kind of slumps out which I think makes her mad because she’ll then kick a lot. So every time I switch sides she’ll go nuts and kick again. I switch sides often because my hips get sore. So I’m not getting a lot of great sleep and neither is Bryan. He sleeps with his hand on my belly a lot and feels her. Sometimes I’ll sleep with my belly up against his back and she’ll kick him. It’s not bad being pregnant, but I wouldn’t call it enjoyable…especially in the summer. The pool is the best. I only have 6 more weeks to go, though! It’s hard to believe my belly will get even bigger.

Last night we had our 3rd childbirth class and learned pushing techniques and positions. We then went of a great detailed tour of the maternity ward. We got all excited for the birth, and can’t wait until Zoe tells us its time the head to TMC!

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