We headed home from the hospital on June 27 in the afternoon after being there one full night and one birth night. We were ready to go home early since all the coming and going of nurses got to be a bit irritating. Since coming home, Zoe has done really well. She nurses in spurts; she’ll eat nearly constantly with half-hour naps for about 3 hours straight, and then she’ll sleep for 3-4 hours. She is really amazing. Her 3 day checkup on Friday went really well and she had already grown an ounce and a half! She’s already been out and about quite a bit. We’ve taken her to the Dr. office, Subway, walmart, the bike shop, the petsmart, and a taco shop. She does really well in the car and hanging out in the car seat as we travel around. She also came along today to Kat’s one-week checkup; Kat is healing up very nicely!

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