San Diego Trip

Time to play a little catch-up.  We went to san diego last weekend.  Drove out friday night and stayed at jim & lou’s with Justin, sarah, and sophia.  Saturday we drove down to SD, watched jareds cross country meet, and went to cabrillo NM in the afternoon.  Zoe got her feet in the pacific and seemed to like the cold water.  We then spent the evening with the fam; it was so nice to stay with cindy & steve.    On Sunday we hit sea world; zoe was up all day, but was really great and alert checking out the aquariums.  That evening, however, she was a handful.  She couldn’t get herself to sleep…it was really frustrating and sad for me, like that first month when nothing seemed to work.  Anyway, monday was fun.  We went to the beach in coronado and zoe got to hang out all day with cousin sophia who was very excited about zoe!  Tuesday morning we went out to la jolla to watch the seals before driving back home.  zoe does alright in the car if i sit in back and play with her til she falls asleep, then i crawl up front, when she wakes we stop to feed her, and i get in the back when we get going again.  We end up stopping every 2 or so hours.  not bad.

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