Poo Party

I’m sitting here pumping as I type thus with one hand. I’ve decided to start getting up early aroound 5:30 so I can pump and then ride my bike before zoe wakes. She has been taking short 20-30 minute naps lately and being awake alot more so I don’t really get time to workout. She doesn’t like to just hang out and sit without attention for longer than about 20 minutes,so I hold her or entertain and play with her most of the time…so it’s tough to workout during the day.

Zoe hadn’t pooed in 8 days, so this morning I gave her half a child’s supository and within 5 minutes out it came. I don’t know why she doesn’t poo; it looked normal and soft not constipated. At breastfeeding group she had lost an ounce; she’s 11lbs 3 oz…at least 5 oz of poo came out this morning though. Went swimming this afternoon; she loves the pool =)

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