zoe update

Zoe is getting much more active nowadays. She has started to really adjust to her routine of taking 2 long naps a day, and that makes for a happy baby most of the day. Most of the time she is hanging out with Kat in her bedroom where the futon is down so they can play. There is a mirror for her to look at and a play mat with dangling toys. She trys some belly time with the assistance of a buffalo neck pillow. When she isn’t playing in her room she spends time ‘helping’ mom from her high chair, the blow-up sitter, or her walker where she has gotten better at grabbing for toys and jerkily pulling them into her mouth. She really likes it if Kat sings about whatever she is doing…like making dinner, feeding Arlo, or doing laundry. She also still really likes to be held alot, though she must face out to watch what is going on. Oh, and grass; she enjoys pulling grass and watching Arlo run around like a nut. She has been making lots of neat noises lately too! Aaaaa’s, unk’s, Ooo’s and high pitched EEeeeee’s. She will laugh at the ZZz sound or if we snort at her.

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