Someday I’ll Sleep Again

I am now mostly tired. She has been a handful the last few nights….it’s good Bryan is working nights and gets to sleep in because he’s been the one getting her back to sleep in the middle of the night. She’ll go to bed like normal, but wake up an hour later…he’ll get her to sleep and she’ll wake again around 11. So, I feed her and she sleeps well until 5am when I have to feed her again. She then sleeps again and wakes like normal around 7:30. I’m hoping this is a growth spurt and she’s encouraging my milk supply. I’ve read that usually happens around 3 months and your baby just acts crazy and wants to eat constantly for a week…that is Zoe the last few days. If she isn’t eating or napping she is fussy and wants to eat. just when I think I’m getting the hang of it! But she is laughing and talking more now when she’s happy, so that is really cool to hear her voice and squeal.

This afternoon we went to babytime at the library. Zoe seemed to enjoy looking at the other babies and playing the lap games! it was pretty fun to use all their soft books and toys too…the library has quite the toy supply!

Tonight Bryan is flying so I’ll be doing the bedtime routine alone. I hope zoe doesn’t mind me replacing her daddy’s voice for her story.=)

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