PA Trip

We’ve been in PA visiting family and I haven’t had the chance to get online and update the blog.  We flew into pittsburgh and stayed with sarah and justin and sophia for a bit.  It was so fun to see the cousins interact.  Zoe mostly stares at Sophia, but did start to reach out to grab her foot or hand.  Sophia will talk to Zoe and attempt to touch, but she is so careful about things she doesn’t quite get up the nerve to touch her.  On Sunday we went up to the land, though, and sophia kissed Zoe’s cheek!  We’ve had fun hanging out with family here at Bryans parents house since Thursday evening.  Zoe has been doing pretty well sleeping.  A couple nights she has waken, but seems to eat and fall right back to sleep.  With all the visitors and dinners and stuff she hasn’t had to be sat down since we arrived.  That is keeping her happy because thats the one thing I just can’t do all day at home.  Sunday up at the land she really seemed to enjoy the fresh air, grass, and watching the fire.  She also had alot of fun with nana and grandma in the camper laughing and playing with Sophia.  IThe weather her has been nice, but it’s still so much colder than tucson.  Zoe has been getting super-bundled to go outside. She gets so annoyed getting dressed and undressed everytime we go in and out; I can’t imagine living here and having to do that to go the store or out for a walk all the time.  It’s been a great trip so far. On Tuesday night we’ll head over to my folks’ and continue the visiting.  There are so many more relatives that want to meet Zoe.

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