zoe update

Wow, where have the days gone…October just flew by when we took our trip home. Zoe has been really learning and doing a lot more cool things lately. She is doing great sitting, and can sit up on her own for a while as long as she is entertained. She also has been eating rice cereal for a few weeks, and is now liking it alot. She still loves watching Arlo, but has a tendency to squeeze and pull his fur instead of petting. He deals with it. Her belly time is going well. She does, however, enjoy sitting or standing much more. The big news lately is that she is teething. She gets fussy and super-drooly sometimes and just really wants to chew everything. She gets frustrated when she can’t quit figure out how to turn something the correct way to get it into her mouth. Her favorite things to chew on are little paper notepads and the tiny cloth or stuffed toys she has. She hasn’t really been making to many new sounds, but is still very vocale at times when she squeals.

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