Flying with Zoe

So Zoe and I made it to PA successfully.  She actually did pretty well flying, and was happy and playing alot of the time.  She completely ripped apart a Skymall magazine; it was really funny.  Her nap timing was totally off, though.  She took a nap in the terminal BEFORE our first flight, and therefore got fussy toward the end of it.  She then fell asleep again right as we landed.  During the second flight, which was the longest, she took a nice long nap in the middle, played for a bit, but was pretty fussy and crying for a good 1/2 hour. She needed to sleep, but wouldn’t nurse or let herself nap.  She then did great during layovers and during our last short hop into State College.  After we arrived she ate and then we went to bed.  She did fine, and people were very kind and helpful to me the whole way.  It is tough to travel with a baby by yourself.  I miss Bryan.  Today she was really happy, though she isn’t a huge fan of all the sweaters, coats, and bundling necessary for the cold weather.  We got to see it snow this morning!  I made her some food, and got gifts wrapped today.

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