Zoe Update – 6 months

So we’re back home and getting back into the groove.  She is sleeping better, but still wakes once a night for a while.  Bryan has been getting her back to sleep.  Yesterday was her 6 month checkup at the doc, and she is doing great.  She got a neato flavored tongue depressor; that was his test to say she’s ready for finger food…’anything she wants, but milk, honey, fish and chocolate’.  I asked about wheat and he seemed to think she’d be cool since she hasn’t reacted to anything yet, but I’m going to wait another month just to make myself feel better. She weighed 15lbs 3.6oz, was 26 3/8in high, and her head is 41.4 cm.  She also got 3 shots and an oral vaccine.  Thats the last appointment until she is a year old!  Last night for dinner I made turkey tacos and separated out some for Zoe before adding the spices.  She liked it mixed with a little breastmilk.  Today I went to the sunflower market to get some frozen fruit to mush for her (no more blending for me).  So, we’ll try some strawberries, blueberries, peaches, and raspberries over the next few days.  I also got some corn which she hasn’t eaten yet.  For lunch she had a piece of wheat-free toast that I sliced into strips for her to hold (the Dr. came up with that brilliant idea), and she loves it.  Meals are going to be messy for a while!  The doc also said that I could cut out one of my breastfeedings, so she’s now eating food 3x a day and nursing 3x – about 3 hours inbetwen.  I’m still going to pump the one extra time in the morning so we have some milk on hand.

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