Zoe Temp

Zoe had a rough day today.  I guess it really started last night; she didn’t sleep well.  Bryan ended up sleeping with her for a few hours and then finally just bringing her into bed with us.  She was super-hot, but I couldn’t tell if that was because she was sleeping on Bryan or not.  In the morning I still felt bad too… headache and tired.  We took a long morning nap and felt better, so we all went out to get stuff to plant the garden.  Bryan cleaned the whole house!  Anyway, Zoe hasn’t been happy all day, is sleeping and nursing alot, and super clingy. I took her temp all day with the ear thermometer and it was fine, finally when I did a rectal one tonight it was 102!  I didn’t know it would be that different.  So, I guess she’s ill though she has no other symptoms besides her behavior.  Bryan called the on-call flight doc and he said to give her tylenol and try to get an appt tomorrow morning.

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