Sick Baby

We got little sleep last night.  Zoe woke an hour after she went to bed, so Bryan went in with her for a while.  Once he got her back in the crib she awoke 2 hours later.  I went in and slept with her on the futon the rest of the night.  Every time I’d try to sneek her back in the crib she wake.  She was really sweaty all night.  This morning, though, she has no temp (yes, I used the rectal), ate her breakfast, and happily crawled around til naptime.  I still called for an appt and am waiting to hear back. 

Well the doc didn’t think she needed seen since her fever broke.  She was still moody today, but not hot.  The doc also seemed to think it may be teething or that she is fighting something off well enough to not get other symptoms.  So this afternoon she went to the sitter on base while I went to another sewing class; she did pretty good, but didn’t want to take a nap alone.  Tonight she also got watched by our babysitter here at the house for a couple hours while I went to a spouse social until Bryan came home.  He was still rocking her when I got back.  She just needed nursed to sleep.

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