Zoe update

She had a tough time sleeping last night as well.  She woke aorund 3, I nursed her, and then she just wanted to be awake.  Eventually she did sleep.  Aside from that she has been quite happy and is having a good time eating finger foods.  Bryan and I made a bunch of new food for her on Monday, and just mashed or cut stuff into tiny pieces before freezing.  She really likes to pickup her carrots and green beens.  This morning she also ate a half piece of multi-grain bread.  She mostly eats grains, veggies, and fruit.  About once a week when we eat chicken she’ll have some too.  I haven’t tried fish yet, but she does like tofu!  She also loves avacado.  Her other funny thing is that she loves watching me pour juice in a glass and then likes pretending to sip from it by blowing bubbles when it hits her lips. 

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