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How many posts can I have about sleeping?

Another rough night.  Shejust cried for about 3 hours on and off.  I tried holding her, rocking her, nursing her, bouncing…everything, but nothing helped until she eventually just fell asleep on me.  The conscensus at breastfeeding group was that she is teething.  Thats what the doc thought about her fever on Tuesday, so I guess that’s it.  They suggested giving her infant tylenl or motrin before bed or these little homeopathic teething tabs.  We’re starting with the tabs; I’m really not into drugs.  If she wakes unconsolably again tonight I’ll give her some Tylenol. She was 15lbs 14 oz today; I guess she’s burning lots of calories crawling around.  After breastfeeding group we drove out the the pound to get arlo a license, had a picnic lunch at the park which she loved, and came home to make lasagna.  We some friends from Enid over for dinner. She was quite happy showing off her love for food; especially whole wheat pasta, peppers, corn puffs, and cucumbers.

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