Time to sleep, kid

Zoe is back to not sleeping well.  We’re even letting her cry for a while before helping out.  I don’t get it.  Bryan went in to help her last night at 3am and just ended up sleeping on the futon with her.  It’s getting tiresome.  Went to church this morning, and stayed for a ‘shower’ they are having for the nursery.  They are going to remodel it, which will be nice.  This afternoon we’re just cleaning up from the yard sale, playing outside, and hanging out.  Zoe has been super moody lately.  She will be playing just fine, and then just snap into crying.  She is also very clingy to me. It started with her fussing at the sitters, and now she will (if it’s a moody day) not even want Bryan to hold her.  It’s sad.  Tonight she was playing happily with Bryan in the living room after dinner, then when it came time for a bath she just screamed unless I was there.  Bryan ALWAYS does bath and she loves it.  It’s getting tough to understand why she will be so happy and then so mad.  I really can’t imagine it’s teething like everyone keeps suggesting.

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