Zoe update

This past month has gone quite quickly. Zoe has been getting taller, and has maybe been having growing pains from it. She has been unexplainabley fussy randomly for a couple weeks (and there are no teeth in sight) so we are thinking it’s her growing. She has also been super-happy often. She loves to push her gator-walker, has figured out how to crawl out the dog door, can stand without holding on, and is doing great pooping on the potty after meals. She loves to be outside and enjoys swishing her hands through the rocks and pulling up the grass. She has also really gotten into her board books latley; especially those she can touch. Favorites are Pat the Bunny, Baby Animal Farm, and Buzz Buzz Busy Bee. We’ve gotten out and about alot lately now that it is spring in Tucson. The local pool is quite fun, we’re still going to Monday playgroup, we took Arlo to an Easter picnic, and the whole fam went to the Renassaince Festival. Good Times.

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