Zoe Update

Well the weather is getting so gorgeous here in Tucson and Zoe is loving all of it. She loves to crawl out the dog door to spend some time outside on the patio with her play tent. We also spent a night in a real tent camping up on mt. Lemmon. She did pretty good sleeping with us in the zipped together sleeping bags, though she kicks around a lot. We’ve been swimming, hiking, to the zoo, and out to the park for picnics alot. She started her Movers and Shakers class with the city parks and rec department and loves it! She has also just been on the move alot more lately. She still crawls, but really likes to push her walker or the high chair around to get across the room. She has been exploring the house all the time and gets into everything that is NOT a toy! her favorite of the moment is an empty tissue box that she can hide treasures in. She has also gotten quite an appetite for rocks, dirt, and leaves…which we don’t really let her eat.

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