Visiting Gram

I can’t believe it’s already May.  Zoe has been doing great her at my parents house; she has slept great in the crib on her own and likes pushing around Nan’s wagon.  She spent most of this morning pushing the wagon around in the yard while Nan steered.  My mom, Zoe, and I also went over to Grams to visit and go out for dinner.  Zoe tried her first little bit of ice cream; Gram was amazed that she didn’t flinch or purse her lips or anything for the cold.  On the way back we stopped by aunt karen’s and uncle brian’s house.   Gram thinks Zoe is chubby – this is a compliment I’m told; and they agreed she was ‘strange’ – which is true when she is hungry or tired…but usually she doesn’t care if a stranger holds her as long as I’m nearby. 

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