Zoe’s Four Corneres Trip

We had a great memorial weekend in the four corners region.  Zoe seemed to really enjoy playing with rocks, and even acquired 3 new ones for her toy box.  She also especially liked hiking in her backpack on Bryan to see ruins because she got to drink from the camelback the whole time.  Another favorite was the hot spring in Durango she loved touching the warm water. She did good camping in the tent with us for three nights; I made a little box to go around a folded thermarest to contain her if she rolled around.  One night we did stay in a cheapo hotel because it was snowing, and Zoe liked that she got to take a bath in a little bin.  She did well in the car, though I spent alot of the trip back there with her to play.  She walked a few times while we were out, always to go get something.  Once she walked a couple yards from a boulder to the picnic table to play with a rock I had been using to hammer in stakes.  Her bum rash has cleared up nicely since Thursday morning was her last bit of antibiotics.    While driving I let her go diaper less and just sit on a cloth insert to let her air out. We also used disposable diapers for the weekend so as to not mess with storing messy cloth. I’ll try to get some pictures up today, though I’m busy getting everything cleaned up and the car needed some work.

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