Zoe update

Well Zoe started walking this month, but she hasn’t really gotten the hang of it yet. She had a lot of fun playing here at home and with the other kids in her playgroup and class. She also got sick for the first time; her ear infection was in both ears so she needed antibiotics which gave her a bad yeast infection rash. As a bonus it meant alot of diaper-free time. At the beginning of the month Zoe and Kat took a trip back to PA to visit with Nan and Grandpa Joe. She had a lot of fun and her hair seemed to grow more in the cold weather. Over memorial weekend we also took a trip up to the 4 corners region to check out some neat ansazi ruins and camp out. It turned out to be colder than we all expected, but it was still fun. Zoe did great hanging out in the car, and really likes to be outside playing with rocks. If she appears to be wearing the same track suit in all these pictures it’s because it’s one of only 2 outfits that fit her for cold weather…the other is the pink sweatsuit. It’s so hot here in Tucson 2 is plenty.

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