San DIego

We all drove out to San Diego for the weekend.  Zoe did great in the car with me and Pat to keep her entertained.  On Saturday Jared graduated and then Cindy and Steve had a nice party at there house.  We had a great time.  Zoe ate enormous quantities of food and had a great time playing with everyone and all the doggies.  She even did great sleeping all night in the other room and taking naps.  Over the weekend she really started perfecting walking, too. It’s still not her quickest method of motating and she mostly crawls if she is in a hurry, but she’s getting good.  On Sunday we went to Jim and Lou’s to swim and have dinner.  We got to see the new house addition, and it is unbelievable.  Really, I can’t even say what part is neat because the whole thing is like a showroom.  The drive back on Monday was uneventful; we picked up Arlo and ate leftovers when we got home

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