Sleepless Night

Zoe woke up a bunch last night.  I finally think she may ACTUALLY be teething.  She has little white bumps on her lower gums that feel to me to be getting bigger.  This afternoon we went to church for a movie; since it’s so hot they show movies in the air conditioning just for something to do.  Zoe did great.  All the old ladies loved watching her play and stuff things down my shirt.  She is also getting amazingly quick at walking and seems to prefer it now to crawling!  Potty training is going great.  She now seems to hold her morning pee pee and poo until I get her up and put her on the potty.  Her overnight diapers are pretty dry.    During the morning I just put her on the potty every hour and sometimes she goes, but she has way fewer accidents.  She also gets very upset if she must poo in her diaper, like when we’re out.

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