Tucson Kids Museum

Zoe was so energetic today.  We went to the children’s museum downtown with the playgroup and she LOVED the dino exhibit.  I kept trying to move on, but she would walk back in and stair at the huge animatronic T-rex ready to eat her.   She also loved finding the yellow buttons that turned on animal sounds.   This afternoon we stayed inside to keep cool, and I sewed a few new outfits for our Disney trip.  Zoe played with everything in the sewing room…her toys, my fabric bin, the stuff in the desk, Arlo’s water bowl, and she unloaded all the paper from the shredder.  It was quite a mess, but she was so funny just running around all over the place.  For a while she wouldn’t leave Arlo lay in peace; she just followed him around as he tried to find a spot to cool off.  This evening we took a bath together and then I had a run-in with a giant spider.   I think it crawled out of the clothes I was wearing outside to work on the yard.   I freaked out, but eventually killed it.  At one point both of us were screaming. I know I am ridiculous.

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