Disney World!

So Bryan went TDY to Tampa for a week, and Zoe and Kat went out to join him at the end of the week. The hotel in Tampa was nice and had a little beach along the bay. We didn’t hang out there too long, though. Bright and early on Saturday we got into our tiny rental car and drove to Disney World! We arrived before the parks opened, got our tickets and pre-registered at the Shades of Green military resort. It was awesome; they have disney transportation shuttles, boats, and monorails to get you to all the parks. That morning we hopped a shuttle to Animal Kingdom and got started right away. We only had 3 1/2 days to visit, so while most people do a park a day we had to do 2 (how typical of us to want to do it all). So we’d be up and ready for the first shuttle each day to a new park, take a break at the hotel around 2pm, and then hop over to a different park for the afternoon and evening. Most days we got back to the hotel around midnight. It was a lot, but it was so much fun. Zoe seemed to enjoy the playgrounds, petting zoo, and water parks the best. Kat and Bryan liked animal kingdom and snorkeling at typhoon lagoon.

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