Korea Tickets

We are so stoked to go to Korea. I can’t believe Zoe and I leave in ONE month! She and I and Arlo will be driving across the country on a big adventure to Pennsylvania. It should prove to be a good time, and we’ll stop by National Parks for stamps on the way. It will be so nice to spend a month and a half with family before heading of to Korea.

Both Zoe and I got our Korean Visa’s approved and our passports returned in less that a week. So exciting. We all went to a briefing with TMO last week, and have the move all scheduled. In fact, I just got a call from the packers, and they are coming next week for a walk through to estimate boxes and stuff. Yippee. I love moving.

Finally, she and I are all booked on Korean Air. We’re taking a direct flight from New York to Seoul on October 26th. It’s a 14 hour flight, but is supposed to have TV’s in every seat. Now, you all know my opinion on kiddo’s and TV, but we are definitely making an exception for those 14 hours. I booked Zoe as a lap infant (which actually costs $100, not free for international flights) since all tickets were about $950 and I can deal with cramped quarters to save a grand. Hopefully the flight won’t be completely full and we’ll luck out with an empty seat. I purposely booked the seat in the very back hoping for such luck. Arlo is also booked on our flight, and will be getting his shots updated next week. I’ll need to get him a USDA health certificate 10 days before we leave, so that will be done back in PA. The beauty of it all is that Bryan is leaving on the 25th to return to Tucson for his military-paid flight out to Korea….AND we land within a half our of each other in Seoul. =) Incredible.

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