Painting Job

Well this weekend we’ve gotten some big jobs done. On Saturday we scraped, sanded, primed and repainted the trim all around the house. It was a big job, but really needed done since we pulled the gutters off. Zoe did great for a while just playing outside while we worked, then she napped for quite a long time so we could all but finish before lunch. The house looks so much better, now. To increase the amount of chaos at the house, we’re watching 2 other doggies for some friends. They are good dogs, but when 3 get together they can really be nuts. One is a really nice lab that we’ve watched before; she even lets Zoe crawl on top of her. The other is a really affectionate german shorthair; he is super sweet but wants to be touching me at all times and even slept between me and Bryan…until we threw him off the bed. That was a bit much. Finally, today Bryan built a neato wooden shelf to go into the back of the Outback for our move. It’s about 6 inches high and covers the entire back when the seats are down. It’s so I can store the guns under it while we travel and won’t need to worry about Arlo stepping all over them, or all our other junk banging against them. They’ll also just be safely out of anyone’s reach.

Zoe also got her first real injury this weekend. She’s had lots of scrapes and bonked heads, but we had actual bleeding. On Saturday she was playing with one of the dogs’ bowls (she likes to carry big things around) and onto it. She was in her room and I believe she was trying to get on or off of her mattress with the bowl when she slipped. She fell face first onto it’s edge and cut the inside of her upper lip; maybe from the bowl or maybe from her teeth. Who knows. Anyway, the bleeding stopped pretty quick, but she had a puffy lip until this afternoon. It was sad, but she was running around like a nut (with the stinking bowl) withing 10 minutes. So, we went for a swim and that really made her feel better; especially with 3 doggies jumping in the pool with us!

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