Crazy Neighbors

So our neighbors are officially insane. We hired a professional tree guy to come today and trim the tree that overhangs our garage and driveway, plus the backyard tree, and our palm tree. The one over the driveway is really our neighbors and we had told them last week about us wanting to just hack off the whole left side of the tree that is on our garage; it looks like a V and would look like a nice straight normal tree without this side. But this morning they come over with some legal document they typed up wanting us and the tree guy to sign saying we’ll be held accountable for anything bad that happens to that tree in the next year. Tree guy just refused because the wording meant ANYTHING, related to the trimming or not would be his fault and we backed him on that. So anyway we had an argument with the lady; she is literally a nutcase and claims she’s a lawyer, that the tree will die if trimmed, that we’re not allowed to cut their tree even if it overhangs our stuff, and a bunch of other absolute nonsense. So anyway, we know we legally can trim the tree, and we had him do it anyway…just a more minor trimming instead of cutting off half the tree. Then they freaked out over the backyard tree that overhangs their yard, but they want it to STAY! Crazy. It’s scraping their house and yard, but it stays that way since we didn’t need more troubles. Even the tree guy thought she was either drunk or insane.

Anyway, that was our morning. Luckily Zoe napped through most of it. She’s been napping once a day, but this nap was early in the morning. So, I think she was super-tired this evening as she almost feel asleep eating dinner at 6! I gave her a quick sink bath and then she was out as soon as we started rocking.

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