Santa Barbara

We had a great time over Labor Day weekend driving out to Santa Barbara to visit Bryans friend John. It was so fun to just hang out, eat good food, hike a bit, and enjoy the amazing weather. Did I say good food? John is an amazing cook and has an awesome farmers market to go to for the freshest ingredients. It was so yum. Zoe did great, too, and really seemed to like visiting John and all his roommates and all their families. It was a super-full house, which made it all the more exciting. Zoe slept on the floor on top of a sleeping bag, and didn’t even stir when things got loud. The drive out was great, and she slept most of the time; the drive home was long, and we had to stop more to get her out for some energy usage.

Now, we’re just in the final countdown for the move. One week. I updated our inventory today, which took forever. The rest of the week will see us taking everything off the walls, undoing any electronics, and piling things for Korea or Pennsylvania or Storage. I’m so excited!!

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