Preparation Week

So this week we’ve been getting finalized plans for the big move. The packers come in 2 days to take away our stuff headed for Korea, and then they return the next day to start packing up the rest of our stuff that stays here in storage. So we’ve been busy setting aside the minimal stuff we get to take to Korea, going through paperwork and notifying utilities, getting the house in order for the new tenants, and figuring out what needs set aside for our vacation to PA. It takes alot of foresight to get it all straight, and I’m sure we’ll forget something. Oh well!
Zoe has been having fun with all the new activity and ‘helps’ by taking all the stuff out of the piles we put it in. Right now our front room is full of the Korea stuff which she thinks is her new playground. She went to the CDC twice this week while Bryan and I worked, and while I went to the dentist for a cavity. It was my first one and it sucked. Anyway, we are still playing outside a bunch and swimming in the pool, but she has definitely noticed she is not the main priority at times.

Last night we had a great evening with our neighbor Shirley. She’s Zoe’s fill-in grandma while we’re here and we’ll miss visiting with her. She called and took us out to dinner. It was so nice to hang out with her and chat. Zoe had a great time eating all the bread and Bryans pasta. Shirley has really been such a nice neighbor, and I’ll be sad to leave her. She calls Zoe ‘little bits’ which is so cute and loves playing with her. I wish we would’ve made a point to see her more often, but I’ve really enjoyed the dozen or so times we went over to her place or she came over here.

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