So, the movers were done packing up early which gave us a free day today (Thursday). The squadron had been planning a special flight for a few of the spouses for a long time, and I neglected to sign up assuming we’d be busy moving. Well, Bryan called Tuesday and got me on the flight. He then went in and got himself on the schedule so he could refuel while I was on the plane.

Yesterday, though, his A-10 had some troubled and landed at the aux base 2 hours away. So, this morning he had to get up super early and drive out there with the maintenance guys hoping it would get fixed in time. I went on the tanker flight not knowing whether or not I’d see him. It was very exciting to see all the other guys fuel up; it was just such a neat opportunity to watch them fly so closely. Then, in the middle of the flight Lock 1 & 2 checked in!!! Lock 2 was Bryan, so I knew he was coming. I got to watch him join up the formation of A-10s waiting to fuel. Best of all, though, was getting to watch him connect to the boom and fuel up. I also got to talk to him on the com and told him how sexy he was in his plane. He really is! After he was done he special requested from the KC-135 pilot to fly on his right side really close so I could get some more pictures. It was awesome.

The whole experience was just so neat. It’s hard sometimes to actually fathom that Bryan flies in a plane; I mean I’ve seen him taxi and seen him rock his wings over the house, but this was different. I got to SEE his face flying his plane! I got to SEE him in action…not something any military spouse gets much. It was so great.

We had leased another kids’ spot at the CDC all week for Zoe, so she spent the day there again. She seems to really like it, and now simply runs into the room or the playground when I drop her off. She also loves playing with the other little kids and all the cool toys and new activities that they have…fun experiences I can’t offer her at home. She loves it.

Tomorrow the loaders come to put all our stuff into storage, and then we are off to the TLF so we will have an internet lag for a bit.

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