In Pennsylvania

Well we are here in PA visiting, and I’m sorry for not blogging earlier. We had an issue with our domain forwarding, but the real reason is that I caught whatever crud Zoe had. She had gotten a runny nose after being at the CDC for a week, and as we travelled across country it got a bit worse. She started coughing and feeling generally yuck. The day after we arrived I felt my throat getting scratchy and sure enough I got it. We’ve been drowing oursleves in vitamin C drinks, honeyed lemon juice, gargled salt water, and an herbal cough remedy. The Zuzz appears to be well except for a bit of a cough now and then and the occassional runny nose. I’m still feeling sore throaty and need to pop my ears alot, but am recovering. We shared the crud, however, and mom and dad both feel crappy. Sorry.

The weather is so nice here, though, that I think it’s helping us feel better. It’s been sunny and 70 every afternoon so we take a walk to the park for some sliding and swinging. The garden is also just overflowing with produce to gather and berries to eat. Zoe loves the raspberries and wandering around among the pumpkins, squash, and gourds. Arlo also seems to love the weather and the freedom of running amok through the yard and out into the woods. I’ve had to pull those little briars off him alot, but he’s having such fun I can’t deny him a bit of a romp.

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