Sick of Sick

So, I guess Zoe and I are about over our little bout with the cold. I hate, beyond belief, being sick and often refuse to admit I’m sick even after the fact. After spreading the funk to my parents, they went to the doc for some actual treatment (again something I never do as is admits to illness). They have sinus infections. Imagine, my little girl spreading infections with such ease. Anyway, I was out at the spa that day …. my folks sent me; I wasn’t just being negligent …. so they took Zuzz with them and the Doc agreed to look in her ear and said she was likely getting over a bit of an ear infection herself. I got permission from Tricare to take her in to the ER, but never did as I wouldn’t give her antibiotics anyway. She’s had them already once this year; I think thats enough. The lesson is that little babies spread sickness quicker than adults because no one is on their guard against an adorable kid who happens to have some snotty nose issues.

We’re all feeling a bit better with slight side affects. Mom is weak and tired, Dad is just not his usual spastic self, I have this lingering soreness in the back of my throat, and Zoe coughs at night. Otherwise we’re great.

Uncle Tyler is here visiting from NYC, which is so nice. Zoe really thinks he is super funny. He’s going to babysit tomorrow afternoon while I go to some financial seminar with Dad. He should enjoy it. We taught him how to change a diaper and he understands that she could fall down the stairs. I bet they have a great time playing with the kitchen set and walking around the garden in the wagon.

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