Pennsylvania Festivals

This weekend we had a bunch of fun at a couple fall festivals. On Saturday we went to the Beford fall festival which was huge. Zoe and her cousin Sophia participated in a play! Zoe was a ladybug and Sophia was a princess; Kat was a butterfly. It was a lot of fun. After that we walked around the craft booths, and didn’t even get close to seeing them all before dinner and closing time. On Sunday we headed over to the land where all the daddy’s had spent the night after shooting birds. At Prince Galitzen state park there was an apple cider festival that was smaller but had a lot more interactive stuff. The girls got to ride on ponies, went on a hayride, played at the playground, and loved splashing there hands into the lake. There were lots of crafts there, too, and fresh squeezed apple cider. They both also liked seeing the snakes and turtles that Shavers Creek had brought over. The weather was gorgeous.

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