DC and Driving

This past weekend we drove down to Washington DC to tour around a bit. We stayed with my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Jim which was so nice, and took the Metro into the city. On Thursday we checked out the Smithsonian Air and Space museum and the Natural History museum. Zoe enjoyed the dino bones and really loved the animals in the Mammals exhibit. We also walked down the mall to the WW II memorial which is huge and neato! On Friday we did the zoo. It is so nice, and free! Zuzz loved all the animals and really enjoyed pointing them out. She was especially exited to yell at the gazelle, the leopard, and the goats. She also got to pet a cow and play in a pizza shaped playground. It was a ton of fun. After that we went back downtown and got some national park stamps at Lincolns Death place and the old post office which had a great view from the tower.

After our DC trip we drove out to West Virginia for Bryan’s fam’s reunion. We all had a great time chatting and visiting and throwing rocks in the creek. Zoe, of course, fell into the creek and got super muddy. Good thing we had a change of clothes. On Sunday we drove some more, and went to Zoe’s cousin Sophia’s birthday party. It was a blast. She had it at a cool farm where we all got to pet some goats and bunnies, take a hayride, pick a pumpking, slide on a long field slide, and do a maize maze. Zoe loved playing with the balloons during the party, but especially loved all the farm activities. That evening we visited for a bit, and then had a tiring drive back home.

This week Bryan is borrowing my Dad’s motorcycle and is loving it! He got his permit and is driving around to practice and take his test to get a license. It would be a great vehicle to have when we get back to Tucson. Yesterday he road it from State College to Hollidaysburg, and today he’s on his way up to the land. We’ll all meet him there this afternoon. The weather has been unbelievably nice, so it should be a great day to mess around up there.

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