This weekend Bryan and I went up to Wellsboro, PA to celebrate our 5th anniversary. We had a blast! We stayed at a B & B called the Arvgarden outside of town on a sheep farm and really enjoyed learning about the sheep; the owners we’re also so very nice that it felt as if we were visiting family. Friday night we went downtown for dinner and some drinks. The real fun came, though, Saturday when we biked the rail trail along Pine Creek through the PA Grand Canyon. It was quite cold when we started, but sunny. We got pretty warm and shed our layers by the end of the day. We biked about 35 miles total, stopping halfway to eat lunch and hike up the turkey path trail to the top of the canyon. It took all day! We ate at the diner and then watched the Penn State game at a nice local bar. The drinks were so cheap, we were shocked! Anyway, Sunday we checked out of the B & B and went for a hike along the West Rim Trail. It was so beautiful. We then took a long drive home along tiny local roads (some of which were dirt).

Zoe did good while we were gone. I guess she had a tough time sleeping friday night, but was otherwise super-happy. She played around with Nana and Pappy, went on a bunch of walks in the woods, and visited some of pappy’s work friends. On Sunday, she went with the whole fam to Idlewild park for a special halloween themed day. It sounded like a ton of fun; she road rides with Sophia, went trick or treating in her princess dress, and played in the storybook forest. I can’t wait to see the pictures (hint, hint, sarah=)!


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