Ready To Go

Well I’ve had a great month and half here in PA with all our family, but I’m now feeling antsy to get going to Korea. This vacation has always had an exciting ending and regardless of what we’ve been doing the knowledge that we’re not going back to Tucson has just been looming over my whole experience. Most of the time it’s been an exciting kind of looming, but lately it’s been a bit of aprehension (just a bit). Arlo’s paperwork is in order, so we are literally ALL prepared. Bryan has begun his journey by heading back to his folks house enroute to Pittsburgh. Tomorrow I will spend the day packing suitcases and boxes to mail. Saturday Zoe and Arlo and I begin our journey to New Jersey enroute to Seoul. Wow. It’s crazy to think that the next time I see my husband we’ll be in a different country where we won’t understand the language, where we don’t have a home, and where we are completely different than the locals. How neat is that? What an amazing opportunity for some learning and some fun. And as long as our little family is together we’ll be just fine….hopefully flights are relatively on time so we’ll all go through customs together.

Nervous? Yes.
Scared? No
Happy? Yes

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