Our Apartment

We moved into our new apartment. It’s above a hair salon called Pro-Hair, on the second floor. We have 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. Signing the lease was an interesting experience. We met the landlady, the realtor, and an inspector from the base housing office here at the apartment. After the inspection we then drove onto base, and had to walk-on escort the landlady and the realtor so we could all go together to the housing office. So, the official lease needed signed at the housing office with our Korean landlady who speaks no English and our realtor. Our realtor (Korean Realty) is awesome! They helped us turn on all utilities, helped us get local cell phones, and even came over last night at 7:30 to label all the appliances in English with little stickers. Now we know how to turn on the under-floor heating! it’s great. The first night went well; it’s fairly quiet on our street. I posted some pictures, so check those out. We found out our household goods are here, so they will be delivered on Monday! This has all gone quite smoothly.

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