Everland & Korean Folk Village

Since Bryan can’t work this week, but also can’t walk around town without being in blues, we decided to go visit some of the local sites that friends have recommended. So, we stopped all the unpacking and organizing to go to Everland on Tuesday. It was fun; it’s an amusement park and animal zoo. We rode a bunch of rides and enjoyed looking at the animals. Zoe especially like the monkeys and a ride called boon boon or something like that. Getting there was a fiasco since our car is still in use by someone else. We took the metro to Suwan and then a shuttle bus, but it took us forever to find the bus and then we had to wait 45 minutes until it left. It worked out, though, since we didn’t need more than 5 hours to ‘do’ the whole park.

Today we went to a Korean Folk Village that was also super neat. We’d definitely go again. It was really big and had tons of original huts, houses, and outbuildings from Korean culture. There were lots of people dressed in customary garb doing neat crafts and stuff like ironwork, pottery, gardening, etc. It’s like a living history museum. We learned a lot about Korean culture and got to see some cool shows with musicians, horses, and a wedding. Zoe enjoyed running around all the buildings, crossing the river on the stepping stones, and seeing the animals.

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