So, I’ve found the biggest bummer of living here…not a lot of online companies will ship big-ish stuff to APO addresses. I guess they all use UPS or FedEx instead to the post office. Which BLOWS!!!

We found an awesome kitchen set we wanted to get the zuzz. A little tikes “ultimate” wooden one…first off, not a bunch of places carry them. It’s either Toys R Us or the little tikes website. Well, the toys R Us website is sold out, though apparently a TRU near Harrisburg has it. ANYWAY, so we found another one by KidKraft that is a cool red retro one. So, I got excited about it even though its not as cool as the first one. After ordering I got an email saying they can’t ship to APO’s. I tried at least 10 other retailers who all said the same thing. THEN, I went back to the Toys R Us website and attempted to order a not-as-nice-but-still-cool plastic one and they won’t ship it either. I tried a ton of them, and none would be allowed to be shipped to an APO. Other, smaller, items are able to come here. I’m guessing it’s just stuff that comes straight from the manufacturere…like BIG kitchen sets. OH, and I even tried to order one from AAFES.com (the BX online) who also wouldn’t ship a kitchen set to APO. So, I’m bummed.

The BX here doesn’t (or hasn’t as of yet) carried any kind of kitchen set. And the local Lotte Mart / Toys R Us is in Seoul; which we went to on Monday. It has 3 to pick from, and all of them are at least 3 times what they would cost in the states. We don’t really want to spend a bunch of cash on one that we will replace next year…we’d rather spend good money on a nice one that she can play with for years.

I guess I’ll be making her one out of boxes, paint, and whatever I can find. It may be tough, though since I can’t even find drawers for myself to use.

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