Well, thanks to a friend (thanks Anna) Zoe will be getting her kitchen set….eventually. I guess the BX lets you special order items from their website even if it’s too heavy to mail. It just comes in with their shipments; sometime between NOW and 6 MONTHS from now. So, just in time for Zuzz’s birthday, OR Christmas, OR spring…we’ll just see. I’m excited that we were able to get it!

I’ve been starting to sew again, which is great fun. After going to the Dongdaemun fabric market in Seoul last week, I got all excited about Christmas projects. I also found a fabric store here called Happy Quilt that also has a nice selection. So far I;ve made Zoe some farm curtains and also made a podeagi; a Korean kid carrier that is super-comfy to carry her around in. We walked all the way to and from the BX yesterday morning and she seemed to enjoy it. She even fell asleep in it on the way home.

In other news, we are sort of looking for a new apartement. I guess our landlady is not pleased with Arlo’s size, so our realtor said she’d keep her eye out for a new place that is still close to the base and maybe even a bit nicer. I’d love a patio or balcony or our own roof for Arlo to run around in unleashed.

Today I’m doing laudry. It’s cool, but sunny. So, if I wash it this morning and hang it out on the roof all day it should be dry by tonight. I’m also going to organize the gear/sewing/extra junk room, and walk into base to check the mail. Or, I may drive…in hopes that all our boxes that I sent from PA are FINALLY here. =) I also need to start thinking of a Christmas card. big day.

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