Crud, Pool and THE CAR

So, Zoe had her first day with Ms. Lee and it was great. She did so well; barely noticed that Bryan and I left and had a bunch of fun. Ms. Lee really likes Zoe too and says how sweet she is and how good and how cuddly. While Zoe was at Ms. Lee’s I went to Crud practice with the ladies of the squadron. I love playing crud; it’s one of the few air-forcey-wifey things I truly do get into. Probably because it’s competitive and a little because it’s like a club: you know crud or you don’t…that makes it seem silly and fun like having a club when I was 10. I did, by the way have a club when I was 10. The Crud Club; but then the Crud Club had a fight (uh, 10 year old girls =) so a few of us started the Matter Ex-Crud Club. I recall learning about matter in science and it really having an affect on me. How unbelievabley ironic that my 10 year old girl play club was called crud. Wow, I just realized that as I re-read my entry.

Anyway, crud was fun. After I picked up Zuzz, though, chaos came in the form of our new crappy kimchi car. Bryan was finally able to get his korean license, which was necessary before he could transfer the title for the car, which was necessary before he could get the car inspected, which was necessary before he could register the car on base, which was the GOAL. It’s a procedure, and I’ve likely left out one or two steps. The car didn’t pass inspection when I met up with Bryan at noon; so he was rightfully pissed off for a while. However, when he came home he declared that the car passed! So, there is a place off-base that will pass almost anything. Thank GOD because it was going to be more than the car is worth to fix. So that worked out.

Finally, Zoe and I went to the indoor pool. This is (so-far) the best kept secret here at Osan. It’s FREE, has great hours, has an awesome big warm kiddie pool, a well-heated changing room, and is all but empty at 2pm. Zoe and I had so much fun.

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