Miss Lee

So, the folks at the AFRC (Airman, Family Readiness Center) helped me find someone to watch Zoe a couple times a week. It’s not enough to allow me to work, but it’s temporary until Zoe can get into Korean daycare. I guess daycare here is quite full, so she’s on a waitlist. Next March 2nd, though, the school year begins…how different than beginning in September =)…and she’ll be past the 20 month cutoff. So, she’ll be able to start Korean preschool in March even if she doesn’t make it into a daycare until then. So, in the mean time Ms. Lee will be watching her twice a week for a few hours. She was recommended to me by the lady at the AFRC, and volunteers at numerous places on base. Zoe will be going to her apartment which is on the Korean side of base; it’s a small apartment but they have an awesome playground with a slide that goes down a hill. So, I’m excited about that! My goal is to use the time to sew and get back to selling stuff on Etsy. She’ll start next week.

I still am ready to get back to working (or something…volunteering?…though I can’t see paying for childcare to work for free) part time. Childcare is the issue. So, I’m still hopeful that she’ll get into daycare in the next month or so.

Today we’re going to go play crud with the squadron ladies, and then I think we’ll check out the indoor pool. I’m sure Zoe misses swimming.

It is bitter cold today – 21

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