Feeling Better

Today Bryan watched Zoe for a few hours while I christmas shopped. It was so nice, and I accomplished so very much. There is something about Christmas shopping that I just really love. I guess it’s because it’s for other people. I’m not really a shopper, and really just am not interested in shopping for myself, but at Christmas it’s super fun. All of the little shops and markets here in town are also aware that it’s time for all the Americans to shop for Christmas. All of our packages need to be in the mail sometime soon, and the locals know it. It’s really a neat place here.

On the Zoe front, I’m also feeling a bit better. Last night she finally allowed Bryan to put her back to sleep when she woke at midnight. She whined a bit, but didn’t cry or scream or yell ‘ommy’ for me. It was great for me to actually get a good nights sleep, and great for Bryan to feel like she enjoyed his comfort.

Of course, now I feel bad about ranting on and on about her yesterday, but I got a great supportive email from my mom. “She will always be your gift, even though sometimes you would like to give her back” – exactly! ?spoken from experience? I think mom knows what a demanding little girl Zoe is because I was likely the same. Thanks, mom.

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