Happy Times!

So, after getting such good advice and “I’ve been there too” messages from everyone about my troubles with Zoe. It really is just my responsibility to not have expectations and instead just let her be herself. I’ve got to balance that (this is the part hard for me) with taking care of myself and my own tiny bit of autonomy. I’m getting there, and Zoe is actually doing great this week (or am I just percieving it in a positive way?)

Sunday Bryan and Zoe took a daddy-daughter day, which was great for me to get Christmas projects completed. It was also great for them to hang out together; it’s so important that she value his company and feel that he’s just as ‘safe’ as mommy. They had a great time down on the beach! yes, Bryan found an actual sand beach just an hour and 45 minutes from here. neato. I think we’ll all be going back.

Zoe again had fun at Ms. Lee’s house today. She fussed a tiny bit today when I was leaving, but calmed down and started enjoying some toys before I even had my shoes back on. In Korea everyones house comes with a little entry area where shoes are to be removed. Needless to say, boots and laced shoes aren’t popluar. We’ve gotten Zoe a pair of little fuzzy Korean slide-on boots that used to light up when she walked; for 8 dollars I didn’t expect the lighting to last, but the shoes are warm and go on-and-off quickly.

Christmas gifts are arriving!! We got 2 more gift boxes today AND the silver fiber optic christmas tree I ordered. It’s awesome. I figured we should have a cheesy tree since we haven’t any ornaments or lights…and this one decorates itself with colorful optics. I would NEVER have this at our home in Tucson, but it really seems to fit well here.

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