Christmas has arrived

Yesterday Christmas showed up. Well, actually, on Sunday it came early for Zoe. I got a call that her kitchen set was in; 5 months early! They said it would take around 6 months, and it took 10 days. So what we planned for her birthday is instead Christmas; which is what we originally planned anyway. So, it’s sitting in a box in our bedroom (the thing weights 71 pounds!) waiting to be assembled Christmas eve.

So, yesterday morning I dropped Zoe off at Ms. Lee and headed to the Post Office to mail a final package to the US. I checked our mail box and we had 5 box notices. I loaded them into the car with Arlo, who was on a doggy ride, and went home. Lots of gifts!! At home I realized that we needed to rearrange some things so the kitchen set and ALL these presents would fit in the living room. So, one of the coffee-table-type items is now in our bedroom, and a bunch of other stuff got moved. After I picked Zoe up we went to the BX because with all the rearranging I needed an extension cord. So, while ther I thought I’d check the mailbox once more; the Post Office is co-located with the BX. There were 8 more box notices!!! We went and grabbed a card. Luckily it all fit on the cart. Finally, the stuff I mailed from PA the day before I left arrived. So, just to clarify; if you send something parcel post from the US to Korea it will take 5 weeks. If you send it Priority mail it takes less than 2. I’m so excited to finally have all my clothes and Zoe’s clothes and our address book and the hair extensions. I’ve been living in the same 4 outfits since we arrived ,as has Zuzz. The address book means I have to get moving on the christmas cards, and the hair extensions are so I can sew them to her Ollie toy and try to wean her off MY hair. We’ll see.

Finally, Zoe’s name came up on the Korean pre-school list; so on March 2 she’ll be starting pre-school. It’s nice that their school year starts close to the actual new year. Until then, she’ll still go to Ms. Lee twice a week; that will give me time to prove I can use my Zoe-free time wisely. Today her and I are headed up to Seoul for some fabric.

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