Toys-R-Us and Dongdaemun

Zuzz and I road the train up to Seoul for some shopping today. We stopped at the Toys R Us at Lotte Mart…this is the only big toy store in the whole country, and it’s really not as big as American ones. I just like to check stuff out, and let Zoe run around for a bit. We were also on a quest for a particular gift for my dad that has been elusive; no luck yet. We then ate in the food court. Korean department store food courts are awesome. They have numbered pictures or dioramas of the food from each vendor, you order a meal number at a single checkout register, and then wait for your number to pop up at your vendor. It’s easy, and the food is plentiful, good, and cheap. So we had bibimbop, soup, kimchi, and a sweet drink/sauce that I was unsure what to do with. After that we took the subway to Dongdaemun to the fabric market. I’m starting a few new projects and needed fabric that wasn’t the standard cottons I can get here on Wednesdays from the Happy Quilt guy. I love the Happy Quilt guy, but I needed some fancy brocades and silks, thread, beads, and other stuff he doesn offer; he ONLY has cotton fabric nothing else. Anyway, Zoe fell asleep on the train enroute so I sinched her up to my belly in my podeagi and off we went. It was quite convenient to have her sleep for the first little bit while I was at the market. It’s such an insane place with so many vendors I really need to run around and ask a few people their prices first before settling on a place. She awoke in time to search for beads, which she loved. All the Korean folks seem to also get a kick out of her playing with all the merchandise. On the way home she did great on the subway playing and laughing with some girls, eating a leftover bagel, touching an old ladies fur neckwrap for a half hour, and finally walking up and down the aisle to burn off steam. We had quite a fun day; we reallly need to go up their someday to just see the sites and palaces instead of shopping. Now she is down at the hair salon with Bryan; he’s getting his haircut from our landlady. We’ll see how it works out!

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