Harlem Globetrotters

Well last night the Harlem Globetrotters were here at Osan. It was super fun; they did a full length show (game?) which was a pleasant surprise. Often the USO shows are fun, but shortened travel versions of shows. Zoe had a blast running around before it started and then at half time. We arrived only 10 minutes before showtime because I was looking for the camera (that’s another story), so we had to sit on the floor which turned out to be great. Zoe got an armband from ‘Handles’ which was so cute. She likes to put it on and off. Later they were throwing out basketballs and ‘Sweet Pea’ came over and handed her one. It was a hit!!!! She wanted to play with it the rest of the game. Afterwards we got both of those players, and the coach to sign our ball. I had met the coach earlier in the day when Zoe and I were walking to the BX; he opened the door for us and said, “now that’s service, huh?” I said, “well yes, thank you” and he insisted on getting the second set of doors. I then said something like, “wow and a red carpet, too” because of the red BX rug. He laughed. I didn’t remember that the Globetrotters were in town and was thinking to myself about what a huge man this was when I saw them all in the food court. It was a pretty cool evening, but we don’t have any pictures. Well, I took some on my Korean camera but have no idea how to get them off.

So, the camera is gone. I took it to Seoul with Zoe and I on Tuesday, and now it’s gone. I remember having it at a coffee shop and taking some pictures of Zuzz right before we got on the subway. I remember putting it in our bag…but still Zoe and I travelled ALL THE WAY BACK (2 hours each way on the train) today to ask at the coffee shop. It wasn’t there. (I still made the trip useful by buying us all some cheapo shoes at the Shoe Market.) So, I must’ve dropped it on the subway without anyone else noticing. It’s so uncharacteristic for Koreans to not point out if you dropped something, so if it dropped it must’ve been during our transfer when it was busy. Otherwise, I’m confident someone would’ve caught me to say I dropped it…even tracked me down, that’s how nice Koreans are. Another possibility is that it was stolen off me, but that would’ve been a pretty sneaky person as it was inside my bag and nothing else is gone. Though I was busy with Zoe, it was crowded, and we were in and out of the bag a few times for snacks. It’s such a bummer. The good part is that I had just switched out the card that morning so the only pictures we’re missing are the ones from the Ladies Day in Seoul. They were cute, too. Zoe shopping for beads, Zoe at the Dongdaemun, Zoe in the coffee shop. Oh well. We got a new camera at the BX tonight; it was on sale and quite a good deal. 10MP! So, Kat’s Christmas present is a new camera instead of a Korean bike…thats OK, it’s getting pretty cold anyway. And, well, there is always my birthday =)

Maybe our old one will show up somewhere; I’ve combed the house, but I still have this dream in the back of my head that Zoe rifled through the bag when we got home and hid it somewhere. We are still missing socks and some of Bryan’s patches that have gone to the same resting place.

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