It has started…

Bryan has started to put together the kitchen set. While he was getting Zoe to sleep I took out the pieces and laid it out for him. He borrowed a drill; so necessary as there are a few cases of screws and two pages to the ‘parts’ list. We’ll see how long this takes!

Bethany mailed her packages this morning, we went swimming at the indoor pool, and I got some last minute shopping done. At 3 we had some friends over for a Christmas eve dinnner and then headed to church. Zoe seemed to have a lot of fun at dinner. Since we have no counter space all the food took up our table, so we all just sat on the floor and ate from the coffee table like Koreans. It was fun. She also did good during church and sported her new black and red Christmas dress from Nan. After church we came home and opened ONE gift. We are being adults and sticking to the rules =) but it’s tough.

I got a great little purse from my mom, Zoe opened a couple books from Nana, Bryan got some climbing slings, and Bethany…alas….got socks. I’m so excited for tomorrow. Well, off to post some pictures and take Arlo out.

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